Marty and Iggy have been working with Azraels Armoury to host the IGBC at their Indoor Arena Playing area.

IGBC is the perfect way to get your trigger time in, being similar in theory to IPSC, a live action sport using live firearms, but IGBC is obviously using gel blaster pistols (and blaster rifles… just for fun)

Where IGBC differs hugely to IPSC is the expense, the critical importance to safety and the limiting factor of range requirements and licenses.
The Azrael Arena is a 8x5m playing space, whist it doesn’t sound big, there Is plenty of room for simple and complex stages as we don’t have issue of shooting low, high or having to go into a bullet trap.  This means we are able to shoot gels in roughly 230 degrees of direction… as long as it is not towards the spectators or referee et

Being good at IGBC is a balancing act between speed, accuracy and stagecraft:

-Moving fast but smooth,

-Reloading mags while moving and not burning time reloading while standing still,

-Shooting and hitting targets not just spraying and hoping for a hit. 

The other absolutely key factor to IGBC with GBB pistols is learning to tune your pistol. 

We have most definitely seen outstanding runs ruined by tuning issue of magazines and blasters also making sure gels are fresh and not damaged, the magazine not feeding gels can be caused by being dropped on previous runs and not checking the feed lips are bent inward slightly and not tuning each magazines gas flow for full power.


The basic course of fire consists of 2 shots per steel target, with varying amounts of targets per stage.

-A miss of a target is a 3 second penalty per miss which is identified by the range officer/referee.

-Not engaging a target is a 3 second penalty per target- plus the 2x misses.

-Shooting with feet over charge lines is a 3 second penalty per shot fired while over the line.

-A safety breach can result in a 10 second penalty if the referee calls an unnecessary safety breach, ie turning the wrong way and pointing blaster at spectators and or referee, a single warning can be issued with penalties applied on second warning. Safety breaches include, pointing blasters at the safe zone and not towards targets or walls.



Where IGBC differs from IPSC is we use a hybrid of IPSC and Steel challenge.

In IPSC you get one attempt at each stage, in Steel challenge you get 5 attempts at each stage with your worst time  deleted and your 4 other times are combined for an out right total time.


For IGBC we opted for 3 runs per stage, the worst time is wiped and two best are combined for a total time. Points are awarded for lowest/best over all total time also for the best out right individual time.
This multiple run style allows the players to get more stage time and aid in their improvement.  It also allows the opportunity to wipe that one run that goes pear shaped- be it an error or a failure, it just assists in keeping competition strong and reduce the psychological effect of mechanical failure ruining that one single attempt at a stage.

For more info check out www.facebook.com/IGBC  for training and competition dates plus venue updates