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5.11 All Missions Plate carrier.

I (Iggy) recently bought the 5.11 AMP (ALl Missions Plate) carrier and had the opportunity to use it in skirmishes both indoors and outdoors.

In addition to the plate carrier I opted to have two 5kg training plates to add to the realism and get the true feel of the product, as it was designed to be. Also, so long as you had weighted plates, in certain Milsim events they award an extra medic hit (meaning you can carry two bandages over other players that only have the one, so you can stay in game longer if you can get someone to put your bandage on you after a hit).

The 5.11 all missions range of products are modular. With regards to the plate carrier this becomes truly clear as you explore it. The front and rear panel that feature the new hex grid design come away using hook loops and the entire back part of the panel is Velcro. Around either side the two hex grid cummerbunds followed by the two stretchy cummerbunds underneath that revel the strap as a last option of connecting the front and rear of the plate carrier around your body.

This means you can use the plate carrier as a heavy-duty assault vest with mole pouches attached at all angles thanks to the hex grid design. Allowing you to customise your plate carrier to suit the way you operate best with it.

The front hex grid also features a Kangaroo pocket which has a Velcro strip along the inside of it, designed for the quick release mag holder that’s included with the purchase. This holds three STANAG (M4 style) magazines. The Hex grids are available as a single aftermarket item; allowing you to buy others and build them to suit different loadouts, making it super easy to change from mission to mission, depending on the task.

With all hex grid parts removed the plate carrier looks more like the 5.11 Tac-Tec version only without mole on the lower half of the outer front and rear plate panels. This still means you can attach Velcro backed pouches should you require them. That said the plate carrier has another kangaroo pouch here, so using the quick release mag holder mentioned above you can carry magazines easily just in a slightly more low-profile loadout.

This option is still available at the lowest profile option too. Once you remove the two stretchy cummerbunds. Meaning all you have is the front and rear plate sections held around your waist by a single strap and clip. The padded sleeves that feature straw guides for a water bladder along the outside edge of the the shoulder can be removed from the shoulder straps themselves, making the whole thing into a very low-profile plate carrier.

Inside there are two thick pads on the front and back adding that element of comfort but also providing a channel of airflow to avoid you over heating under the plate carrier.

The plates I got in addition to the carrier are non-ballistic and are for training only. They give the feel of the real thing and certainly the weight. This means that it is a great option for exercise too. Adding 10kg to any exercise. If I am exercising with the plate carrier, I use it in the lowest profile option, that way it doesn’t get in the way of any exercise but still makes me work harder.

The plates themselves are held in place by Velcro straps, sitting them perfectly over your vital organs. There is an additional Velcro seal at the base of the plate pocket sealing them in place.

In game I have only used it in full loadout. I also added two mole pouches on the front, both at 45-degree angles. Initially I had them at opposite 45-degree angles until a friend advised me to put them both on the right side as I am predominantly right handed, therefore I would change magazine with my left hand and it would allow both magazine pouches to be easily accessed from the left.

The design as stated in the name of this plate carrier is geared to all your needs, ready for all missions. It comes in two colours, black and kangaroo (a darker version of tan).

Overall, I am happy with it. It is very accommodating and allows me to customise my plate carrier more than ever before. The quality of 5.11 is always very high and this latest plate carrier maintains it I even have a new item for exercising with, which is an additional bonus I did not envisage. It is comfortable and even after wearing it for some time it still is not an issue.

It is pricey but for the fact it’s modular allowing you to do more than any other plate carriers makes it worth it.

Here on the Gold Coast I got mine from G&A Tactical in Burleigh heads.


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