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Blaster Babies

Like all my hobbies, I get rather hooked on expanding the collection.

Over my 2.5 years of gel balling I have had quite a list of blasters.

My first was a second hand G36, yes I modded it with a pump kit from Chainsaw Products. Relegated as the spare, Eventually died. Didnt worry about revvivng.

Then came my UMP45, and yes modded it with everything premium at the time. Capped at 300 FPS with Singularity 13 Nylon box, Cast metal gears, 11.1v Turnigy Lipo, ChiHai Blue motor, 1.25 spring, MST 100% Cylinder, Bruisemaster 25cm barrel DK Hop. Still my got to back up and one of my absolute faves. Has had many variations of sights and surpressor barrel covers.

This is the list that then followed:

-Lehui Vector V2, 27cm long barrel extended alli barrel, improved seals, 1.25 spring, internally modded to fit 11.1v Turnigy Lipo, Chainsaw Slimline Hop covered with Osprey cover. 29 FPS. Like my UMP it is still a huge fave and used regularly. Has had 2 replacement stock motors that wore out, now has an APS motor. Factory Mosfet died so now has no select fire modes is safe and auto only. Needs a baby mosfet to protect the switch.

-Jinming MP5 V1- It was soo shit... I didnt touch it. Still runs to this day as the loaner spare. Not worth the picture space

-JinMing Gen9- stayed stock for about a week. I built the box, the

polycarbonate housing cracked. Got a new nylon gen 10 box.. ran stock for a weeks.. then Shackas Clackas modded it to the hilt. SHS 12:1 gears and piston, Chi Hai Red motor, CNC 1 piece cylinder and head with Hybrid nozzle, 11.1v Turnigy Lipo, 1.25 spring, Bruisemaster barrel, SHS bushes. 330fps with incredible accuracy through the chainsaw Glacier Hop up. Ranged out to around 40m with grouping that I had never seen before.

Shacka later added a Gate Aster mosfet for Binary trigger modes.

- Somewhere in here I had a Jinming Gen ACR, but didnt keep it for long. I put a Bruisemaster tight barrel, and hop up, modded to suit 11.1v battery but really didnt used it much.

-Second Vector V2, All standard bar alli barrel, internally modded to fit 11.1v Turnigy Lipo

and DK hop up. Set as folding stock or pistol, is short purely for CQB

-M97 Pump shotgun, Stock with extended hopper on top. Pictured with UMP45, Gen 9 and Vector

-HQ MP5K- Singularity 13 Nylon box, 12cm alli barrel, SHS 16:1 gears and piston, Chihai Black motor, SHS Bushes M120 spring, CNC 1 piece cylinder and head

with Hybrid nozzle. Was originally mental fast built by Shackas on 12:1 gears and 280 fps from tiny barrel but the mags cold not keep up So I have now put 16:1 and not running right yet.

-APS Falkor Blitz. Amazing piece of kit. Ran stock for 8 months 320fps, Rizer Hop up. Was outstanding. Shacka Added M150 Supermotor, SHS 18:1 gears and piston, bushes and shimmed. M100 spring 330 fps on standard stainless barrel, 370fps with Fighting bro Tight barrel and 290 FPS with generic Alli barrel. Good accuracy on 290 FPS, not very good on 340 and crap on 370fps. I just got an few alpha king hop ups to try and I think the Rizers im using a dodgy.

-APS MPX Tan. All stock with fighting Bro Tight barrel and new Azrael Muzzletek Modular Hop up. 280FPS, and excellent accuracy with 35/38m range. I plan for this to get a CNC gearbox, 12:1s, fast motor, speed trigger and either a mosfet or programable Brushless motor for uber speed and response for speedball and CQB. max around 320 fps.

-HPF ARP9. Stock with longer alloy barrel. AKA Hop up and surpressor covering barrel. Was not wanted by the boss, So I got it free as a project, runinng rubbish with crunchy gear box- sounds like AOE is miles out and is only around 170fps so there is something wrong, needs attention. Pictured on the left with the Blitz and MPX

We also have 2 others that were built for the kids. One is a custom tiny XM316 M4 reciever, no stock, short forend and 15cm barrel. Metal gears, basic setup up, around 240 fps with DK hop up, good for 35m and super reliable, has run hard for 2 years. as used by my son, now by my daughter.

The other is a brand new APS M933 polymer receiver M4 second from the right, full size metal BCM forend, and butstock, 300 FPS stock, Glacier Slim hop up. used by my son. Here it is together with mine

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