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Going Live!!!!

Sunday the 1st of September marks the launch of our first online magazine Issue.

Our goal is to bring you unbiased, brand myopic and honest event coverage, gear reviews, tech talk and top tips for as much of the tactical sports world we can.

Our contributors include retired Military personnel, International Airsoft competitors, Gelball Enthusiasts and team players, Practical Pistol competitors and Precision rifle shooters.

We also hope to add in other areas of the tactical world that we haven't listed above.

Our first issue covers events from OZ1 NZ Airsoft 2018 !! just as we are about to fly off the NZ again for the 2019 event, We have Gear reviews from world known Airsoft blogger Femme Fatale Airsoft, An intro to IPSC a Gelball Blaster build report.

For the last 6 months building TSI, we are completely self funded. In future issues we are hoping to attract sellers, importers, and businesses keen to advertise in our online magazine to cover the costs of the publications.

The first issue just pays a thanks to Azraels Armoury for their support in the last 18 months Gelballing in Qld and 5.11 Tactical for their awesome products...that we just love hence the "free" adverts. You will also see on the website the Supports page, that is also where we show our thanks to other supporters and brands we like. Ie, Shakkas Clackas Blaster builds. Iggy and Marty both run builds by Shakka at gel ball games and want to thanks him for his efforts, times and love he puts into every build.

So Sit tight and be ready, early AM Sunday Issue ones hits the stands........ or screens.. i guess!!! Thanks all, Thanks for your attention to read!!. Marty Out!! Shoot fasf Shoot Straight!!

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