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Hands on the new Beretta 92X

Beretta is a name that is definitely recognised world wide in the forearms world. But they are not all that well known for their competition 9mm pistols fasor highly competitive in IPSC…..until last year that is!!! Prior to 2020, the Beretta 92 model pistols have been made in around 32000 different variants, nar im kidding, but they have been made is too many variations to list. The Model “M92” was used for many many years by the US military, but that doesn’t make them good for comp use. While the M92 is super reliable and can run is dust and dirt, the heavy trigger, slide mounted safety and heavy weight but poor distributed made the gun far from ideal for comp use, that’s until the new Model 92X hit the scene in the last few years. Immediately making an impact on the world IPSC stage with Team Beretta shooters winning championships left right and centre, taking away a lot of the glory for the usual CZ and Tanfoglio crowd. So what makes the 92X so much better than a 92 (or of the 101 factory versions). Well lets look at it first. Shes pretty dam pretty!!!

One thing I need to add now, is there is many many gun smiths out there, particularly in the states that have made some absolutely incredible iterations of the 92. One of them being the Langdon Tactical 92 Elite and another one to mention is the Wilson Combat Brigadier models. Both are downright wonderful to shoot, but neither are factory Beretta options.

The 1st key area where B’retta struck gold is the weight distribution – adding a heap of weight up front to help with the muzzle rise. 92s have always been a little jumpy, thanks to the high bore axis and the light muzzle end. The weight up front most definitely makes it flat shooting, with power factor specific competition loads the whole gun moves up less than 10mm. When I say the whole gun, I mean the whole gun, not just the front sights which certainly helps to get the gun back on target quickly.

The second main revision is the revisited safety position. Most 92s had the safety on the slide, which to be honest works fine, but sucks for comps. Why? Because, that’s why!!! When you have to rack the slide, be it at the start of a stage, when reloading or for a jam, the safety on the slide made it way to easy to accidentally activate the safety, which means the gun don’t go boom when you want it too. Repositioning the safety back to where the very first model 92 in 1977 had it, on the frame just like the 1911s perfect position eliminates the accidental slide safety activation issue.

Third- finally a good trigger. 92s are a double action single action trigger system. Which means with the hammer forward you can pull the long heavy trigger to pull the hammer and fire. Just like a revolver, CZ75s and sig P226 etc. Once fired the slide locks the hammer back to enable the single action trigger, which means the hammer is cocked and offers a much shorter and lighter trigger pull. All 92s can have the trigger improved but not to the same incredible pull of a CZ, you have always been stuck with an overly heavy long pull double action and a lighter but long single action. The new 92X has an adjustable trigger, already lighter than a highly modded 92 with the double action around 6lbs and the single action of 3lbs. The number don’t lie, that is very respectable but the trigger now has adjustable pull points from the factory which allows you to tune the pre travel to your liking. This is an incredibly improved factor over any other factory built 92.

The other factors that are not as huge as the three above but all factor together to make the difference are the improved grip angle and texture, the extended slide takedown lever to act as a thumb rest, to aid in holding the front of the gun down and the all stainless construction.

Over all The new 92x is a sexy gun, shoots flat as hell and is a pleasure to run. Id absolutely love to run a match with one just to see how it rides through a stage. Being very very heavy at 1.3kgh not loaded it is heavier than your average all metal gun which means it will stay on target well but will be slower to drive through the stage.

Priced at around $2500 aussie dollars, its not expensive in comparison to many but its certainly not cheap. When the current line up of top of the range CZ and Tanfoglio 9mms also around $2200-$2600 its right in the ball park, but the negative is they are a little like rocking horse poo at the moment, there most definitely is not many out there. The owner struck lucky and managed to snag this one but the chances of seeing another for a while is quite slim.

So what are my overall thoughts? Well- I do like it, I like it a hell of a lot. It would definitely take time to get used to the 92 profile, the high bore axis and sights means to run it fast you need to learn the muscle memory of where the gun sits but that weight and the “fits like a glove frame” is certainly nice to hold. Id definitely love to own one, but to be honest its in the same category for me as the Sig X5 and Tanfoglio 9mms- while I would love to own them, for the $2500 price tag id buy something a little more my style ie my dream producion pistol the new version of the Sphinx now the Pheonix Redback 9mm.

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