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Meet a Peep - Gelballer - Tactical Panda - All round amazing fella!!

Name: Ethan Bryant

Age: 30

Callsign: Tactical Panda

Trademark: Bamboo Sold Separately!!!!

How did you get into gel ball?

I was introduced to gel ball from an old housemate that had one of the cheap nasty wish AK’s that he was shooting around the house at some cans from time to time and that prompted me to google and I found out that there was “events” it was starting to become a thing you could go do similar to paintball and having played paintball in NSW I was intrigued and begun a hyperfocus on finding out the who, what, where and when info and not long after that I went and bought my first gellblaster (vector v2).

Where was your first game and when?

My first game of gel ball I actually didn’t play, I was a referee, I had previous experience in refereeing a similar sport based on an honour system, but it was a bit harder to claim not hit as paint was involved ha-ha, it was at a field called Nuketown located near Pimpama at a historical village of sorts and was roughly 3-4yrs ago (the years have kind of blurred together)

What is gel ball to me?

Gel ball to me is another sport/ hobby that in many ways is similar to paintball and very much gets a lot of its ques from airsoft overseas, it is a less expensive form of paintball and a very easy way to get outside or even just out of the house and have fun, it’s a good stress relief and a great way to meet new people and a great way to make friends.

It also has a competitive side that really makes it a sport as you play against others join teams and compete in tournaments so it truly is a multifaceted activity that all sorts of people can play and enjoy.

What is your favourite element of gellball?

Its hard for me to pick a favourite element of gel ball as they all have merit in my eyes whether you are a collector that just likes the looks of certain blasters or a hardcore Milsim player with all the gear to match your blaster. ( for example Vietnam loadouts)

Me personally I like a mix of 3-4 elements, as a Player I enjoy going from the basic skirmishes at a field for a couple hours to doing a 6–10-hour milsim events that take up the whole day, I also have a fondness for collecting gas powered gel blaster pistols and of course using them in games.

If I had to pick an “element” that is my favourite it would be Refereeing, to referee competitions and be unbiassed as to provide an aspect of professionalism and integrity to the comps as part of the GRC (Gelsport Referee Collective). Being a referee and seeing the players compete and ensuring fair and honest play as best we can is what makes it my favourite element of gel ball. Having now refereed at multiple locations I am constantly improving my understanding of how the different comps are run and seeing that there is diversity in these comps means it never gets boring.

What kind of game do you play most?

The game I play most is probably indoor CQB as it is more fast paced and requires quick reflexes, as a slightly larger fellow it can be hard to navigate some of the CQB fields but practice on fundamentals helps bring that handicap down ha-ha

What do you find your biggest challenge with gel balling?

Having the money to get all the Pistols ha-ha, the biggest challenge is remembering that its an honour sport and gels are not as accurate as an arrow, when playing they may deflect of something, or curve away last minute and we often can’t see where or if it hits the target so reminding myself and others of this and just keep playing on.

What is your long-term goal or idea for gel?

I have a couple long term goals/ ideas for gel and they aren’t entirely different from others, I want to have may own podcast, commentate on live streams of speedball (like I have done in the past) and SpeedQB etc but if I was to pick one it would be that id love to setup up a professional dedicated referee group for gel ball comps just like official referee associations we see for the main sports and tv coverage

Do you have ani ideas of how the gel ball world could evolve?

Having another type of gameplay separate to speedball skirmish or milsim and that is competitive shooting, for example having shooting competitions with just pistols or rifles very similar to real steel IPSC but gel ball. That would be one avenue I would see leading to growth for the sport and industry encouraging more exposure and possibly more sponsors for competitions and fields.

What is your Primary?

My primary at the moment is a wells Mrt 2S m4 style receiver but converted with a cyma metal gearbox housing a 12-1 gear set with leviathan v2 optical mosfet and a 18k infinity motor and m120 spring.

What is your secondary?

My favourite secondary to use is probably my EMG TTI 2011 hicappa, it ergonomically feels great and sits in my hand comfortably and has not missed a beat when used.

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