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Mobile sleeping for the tactical outings.

I've recently purchase and fitted Drifta Stockton Wildland hard shell roof top Tent for the TSI challenger. Crazy fast and easy to setup and just as quick to pack away.

I couldn't be happier with the tent so far.

Really is amazingly easy and simple. It's light and low which were some of my absolute most important criteria. The staff at the slack Creek outlet are absolutely perfect sales and support. Just completes the package.

To keep the whole setup as low as possible I changed the roof racks that I had on the truck from the standard type Rola rack thats mounted on top of the factor roof rails to the Yakima Super low Whipsbar which goes between the factory rails. Same load rating and strength as the Rolas just sit super low. Where the Rola racks added around 110mm more to the height the Yakimas have the tent sat almost at roof rail height saving 100mm.

This however did cause issues when fitting the tend up as the space between the tent and the roof is now thinner than my fore arm.... making bolting it town a minor..ok.. moderate nightmare. Which is something I did think of prior as going be a potential issue fitting but the one thing that I didn't factor in, and had absolutely no prior thoughts to was that the main tube mounting rails on the Wildlands tents were going to be wider than the Yakima racks that are between the roof rails. So this meant the factory clamps would only work on the front rack, but the rails on the roof are narrower than the front as it follows the roof line, meaning that the rails were not 50mm to close to be able to use the standard RTT mounting brackets. So off to Bunnings I went and got some ultras wide U bolts and made made my self some new rear clamps which ultimately is probably a bucket load stronger than the fronts. Using nyloc nuts all round they are now well and truly fastened up and not going anywhere

The perk of his minor drama is that I can still get under the local undercover parking which is marked as 2m. Kinda odd as I measured the car now as 2030cm, but Im not going to argue, if I can get under the height bar thinking then Im happy because its the local hide away for hail storms.

The roof of the Challenger is rated for max carry load of 78kg total. The current setup with the old Kings awning on the passenger sider to now total 66kg, so its well under the max which is great keeping it all legal and insured!!!

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