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Nooooo Gel Blaster dramas

One of my absolute favourite long term skirmish primary, the Lehui Vector V2, has finally " Died". Well its not completely dead...just electronically. Blasters with factory mosfets are prone to failures, the mosfet its self is quite a cheap, failure ridden product. My Vector has lasted much better than many. I managed to burn out a motor before killing he mossie, which is not as common.

Yes, fortunately there are replacement oem mosfets that just slip straight in, solder on and your away....but, because my vector is one of the very very first V2s in the country, well the 2nd one as far as we know. It has a different OEM mosfet to the current V2s. Which makes it different to the current replacement mosfet and there are no early mosfets around any more. Bit of a pain in the arse to be honest.

Benny from The Mod Pit at Gelball undercover gave me a new mosfet but yes it is a new gen vesion and wont plug n play with my early Vec.

Fortunately both Benny from GBU and Brent from Azraels Armoury have worked out how to rewire and repin the new mosfet to suit Ole Skool Vector V2s.

In the coming days il be heading over to Azrael to get the master solderer to do his thing and bring the old girl back to life.

But I have a contingency plan lined up. If for some silly reason we cant get it to work. I have another dead vector coming that is a newer generation that also popped the Mosfet, which my replacement mossie should slip straight into. If this is the outcome, il build up another basic package to my liking to be my new Vector.

Then I think Il just rewire the old OG Vector as full auto only, no select fire and no mag prime and then keep it as a spare for peeps to borrow.

If this is the out come, I dont think il run the longer barrel and Osprey surpressor cover that i have had untill now. I might change it up, Run a shorter barrel, sink the hopup inside the front of the housing and run it as a non suppressed SMG like this...

Il run it super basic just like my existing one, ill put in a 1.25 spring, new O rings and seals, il use one of Azraels T peice and Metal barrels shortened to suit an Azrael slim line hop up just poking out, will be powered by 1200mah Turnigy batteries like mine always has but will need some dremel work to allow the longer bats to fit. While its open a black parts kit will recolour the orange and away it goes.

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