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Sunday 18th April

Today I was rolling solo... Kinda

No kids and no bestie(Iggy).

Being kid free made the day different to nearly any I have ever attended at NT. Being able to just "do" me and not have to battery, mag, gels, water and attend to my kids playing with me. Nevertheless they will be there next time I'd say.

So. Just a normal game day at NT. 55 players. Roughly 35 experience and 20 or so newish players.

I was there with 3 or 4 of my Secret Squirrels milsim squad. I hoped for more but to many calender clashes for others to join us.

I ran my EMG Falkor, I could not be happier, built by Shakka at Azraels. A "basic" but solid Milsim build. APS box, SHS 18:1 gears and piston, N52 motor and Leviathan Mosfet tuned with a Aztech Muzzletek hop Up. 330 fps and comfortably floating gels beyond 50m using Ausgels sweet Elite gels.

The day was great. We tried to play as much as we could as a squad. Of course the nature of the regular hit/respawn type games makes its very hard to stay with your mates when you get seperated so regularly. Consequently unless you manage to hook up with a buddy, your pretty much flying solo for most of the game/s. This is where this type of game day hits its limits for me.

Running solo and trying to gather other random troops that don't really want to attack or push as hard as I do is Tuff. So alot of the time Id find my self alone whilst around me was 15 others running around like a headless chook.

Back to our pit area after the first game was interesting, my 6500 Elite gels in my 2 litre juice bottle had been drained by some one. Leaving me just 3 mags worth of gels for the rest of the day. Fortuntaley squirrel leader Preacher came to my rescue with gels. Being that I didnt have 1 if not 2 kids to supply gels for I only took the one bottle, never in a day have I got through even close to 2 litres of gels, well...untill someone else uses them for me. Lesson learnt... Dont leave them out for people to help them selves too.

We played in town in the morning then two half hour games in my favorite area of NT, the bush and creek area. Absolutely loved it. The Squirrels were on the attack for the first capture the flag game. To start with we flanked all the way round the opposition past the flag on the left side, I got side tracked by 10 or so enemy that were all in the open to our rignt, I couldnt not take the opportunity to advance on them and wipe them out while my boys continued the flank. Both my clean up and their flank was successful but it didn't get us to the flag. It was then almost Impossible for me to get back with them after I had been hit and respawned, so I continued to work what felt like solo for about 3 waves of attack up the hill, respawn and repeat continually trying to push up the hill to the flag to puch them back and alow our guys to grab the flag. They had a limited play space where we didn't so this meant their team was heavily concentrated around the vacinity of the flag where as our guys were spread thin accross the whole area. Honestly this made it near impossible to have much impact on their defence.

Eventually though we did manage to break through and push them up the hill giving us a chance at the flag. One of our guys made a desperate dash up the hill, getting to the flag and retrieve it.. But he was called out in a contentious hit. Why? Well as he got the flag, an opposition player ran towards the flag grabber, I was ful auto firing 25m way at the defender watching my gels bounce off his gear as he ran, not taking his hits he continued to shoot our flag runner... And hitting him.

So our flag guy got hit having to return the flag -by a guy that had been hit over and over but continued to shoot and call hits on our player. Poop. The refs did say he was shot from another player, but thats not what the opposition were calling. Oh well. Flag was returned and we didn't get hands to it again. Game over we lost. Bugger... But.. The highlight of the game for me was...and if your reading this - Mr J McKay!! Thank you. Boy did we have some fun shots at each other. I had the most fun of the day hunting and taking you on. Fist bump to you brother. And on that note.. Bro you are my player of the day. I saw you more than anyone else, you hunted me, I hunted you and you took your hits like an absolute pro. Well done and thank you.

The second game in the bush was role reversal. We were defending the flag. Again I had many a fight with JM, was again excellent fun. The game ended with us managing to hold them back for the 30 mins and get the win.

I absolutely love the terrain in the bush there. The hills are pretty tuff but I love it. I worked hard as hell, running to and from respawn as much as I possibly could. Today I even got told I sound like a freight train coming passed, I take that as a compliment, I was powering up the hill as hard as my 110kg could go.

Jumping to the final games of CQB around the containers. Fast and fun... Well supposed to be. They were some of the slowest and most reserved games I have ever seen around the containers, so many players holding way back and wiating for the game to come to them. So.. I changed up a gear and went fast. At this point I must apologize to one of the steller young players, their first time gel balling and played out standing all day. Really positive vibe and great attitude. I have to apologize though, in one of the last games, as I turned the corner of a contrainer, I shot a burst of auto from chest height, smack bang into the face of one of the young fellas, he was two containers away which is 8m or so, which is defintley not point blank and well out of any bang bang rule range but it would have stung like shit. Immediately is saw the hits and Instantly shouted out in apology tom him asking if he was ok and feeling terrible, I most definitely wasn't aiming for the face, his face was right as my blaster height shooting from my chest. So if anyone reading this knows the two young lads with the long blonde hair. Please pass on my apologies.

All in all. Was a very fun day. 55 people at NT is a great number. Thanks to Darren and Matt for the reffereeing and all players for the super happy fun time.

Thank you to my Special Squirrels who cracked nuts with me today. A day running with my good freind Preacher is always a day well spent. I learn alot form his game play every time and thank you for your outstanding role model attitude. Its days like these that realy reinfoce my mind set that I absolutley prefer the more serious Milsim game play where squads, teams and opposition like to play the more serious game. Rolling as one, working as a team and strong strategic games is defintley my preference. Unfortunatley not everyone is of the same mind set which of course is perfectly fine for open public like NTGC runs.

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