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Sundays run At Gelsoft Australia

Last Sundays run At Gelsoft Australia was great. Firstly, again. A huge thanks Matty, Trouble and the WHOLE Gelsoft team. I really Love what you guys are doing, it's bloody rip roaring fun!!!!

My aim for the night is I wanted to give several platforms a run to make sure they are all running tip Top.

First Session was with the new Ares Tar 21 Tavor from Renegade Blasters. The first time on the field with it and it shined bright... It sounds great and runs awesome. Now 290 fps with a Minor spring upgrade and the Muzzletek hop Up fitted it was great. Accuracy was superb easily getting uncountable hits regardless of the target size out to 20plus meters. It may take a few more games to get used to the bulpups bulky arse end but the pistol Grip and forend ergos are super comfy. The Israeli design and packaging is definitely different and effective and I'm Really eager to get it on the sling for the 24 hour milsim in December at the Rapid Vantage event in Toowoomba.

Next game I ran my little caramello Koala Azrael Tan MPX. The Super small but crazy accurate package with the incredible short throw speed trigger was crazy effective in the CQB field at 280fps through the Muzzletek hop Up on binary trigger. The brand new super torquey N52 26000 RPM motor and slightly faster than stock 16:1 gears are run by the BigRRR Mosfet and Azrael speed trigger built by Shakkas Clackas. The fire rate on binary was absolutely awesome. Its very Interesting how the slow peak Rpm but literilly instant accelerating motor gives incredible trigger response yet is just 17rps on full Auto. That sheer immediate acceleration gets the piston back and firing with out any delay or hesitation. The slow rpm Motor also has incredibly low amp draw so battery life is extended and run temps are barely room temp.

Next up I was going to run my super sexual Azrael APS Falkor Blitz but... Iggy was having gel Issue in his Vector V2 as he was trialling other branded gels for a write review.. But he forgot to bring the super reliable gels he has used for 2 years. So Instead of fighting gel Issues I put my Falkor in his arms for game 2 to run for the night as a secondary to his rubber Knife. And yes that Is how I meant it. The Stealth racked up over 20 "knife kills" on the night. Now that Just highlights the code name Stealth. He will sneak up and knife you before you know it. The Falkor also ran light clock Work. Shakkas reliability package build using the reliable M150 Super motor at 31000rpm on 18:1 gears running 340 fps and 19 RPS shoots laser beams thanks to the Muzzletek hop. With range and accuracy enough to cover the whole venue from corner to corner there nothing you can't do at Gelsoft with the Falkor.

My final blat was with my old faithful UMP45 sourced through Ausgel in about August 2018. The venerable gen 8 Nylon lucky 13 gearbox built by my self and never ever needing anything but. Serving with seals, springs and anti reverse latches shes still Running 290 fps, full of dack dacking noises through the tight old skool brass Bruisemaster barrel and surpressor or should I say amplifier. Running an early Rizer hop up, the accuracy is no where as good as..... Well anything with a muzzletek but for a build over 2 years old it's still absolutely superb and I still really love the feel and ergos. But The one massive thing I noticed is the crazy long trigger travel after using the Azrael speed trigger. Through out the evening my APS XTP Gas pistol took about 5 kills but I only gassed up 2 mags and barely used it. Just enough to take some names and move on. Whilst I enjoy the pistolier CQB game play, I do prefer the Subgun feel.

MY OG Vector didnt get to run, as I was no doubt going to have the same issues as Iggy had with gels as I didnt have any softer gels with me either to suit the vector.

Final comment, the face mask. Dye i5, bloody hell. if anyone ever told me your could run a face mask that gets so sweaty that you can squeeze water out of the seal pad but not steam or fog up, then i wouldn't believe them.

But, not once has the Dye mask fogged up on me, literally dripping wet and not fogging. Absolutely Amazing lense, with great clarity and no peripheral vision loss. To round off the blog, which was my favourite platform for the night.

Well id have to say the little Carmello MPX would have go the the most hits. Even tho Just 280 fps on an unlimited field the shear trigger response makes a savage combo for getting the drop on people with out using bugger all ammo in binary mode.

Kudos to the APS MPX tuned by Shakka

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