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Trick or Toy?

Poseidon P18 EVO 2 Pistol

Gas blow back airsoft pistols have been around for 10 -15 years over seas. In Australia CO2 and green gas pistols are just 16 months old. Starting out pretty rough with the Kublai P1 Glock's, then 11 months ago taking a huge leap into the APS range by Azraels Armoury and Tactical Edge Hobbies. Since then there has been best part of 101 other models hit the market. Unfortunately bar a hand full of high end home DIY 1 off conversions, most of the models have been from low end airsoft brands with an extremely basic conversion to gel ball ultimately ending in a pretty sub par product.

Then came the WE Tech Berettas, Sig and Glock's once again from Tac Edge and Azraels. The Beretta and Sig were the very first high quality metal gel blaster pistols, the WE Glocks re setting the standard in reliability and performance for base model out of the box pistols in the $300 price range.

Early 2021 Local gel blaster specialists RPM Tech Shop in Brisbane introduced their new line to the market. It was pretty obvious that RPM had been working on the new pistols for some time and they definitely played all their aces on this one.

So what is it? Well, it’s a…. its uh, well, it’s a…. Glock. Of sorts, kind of, deep down anyway.

In the real pistol world, Glocks are generally either loved or hated. They are also one of the most highly modifiable pistols out there, not far behind the 1911/2011 platforms. There are endless parts, slides and sights to change out the stock Glock parts to create what people call a Gucci Glock. Some of the most disliked parts of a Glock are the frame, the sights and the trigger; being quite bland and basic many make adjustments where some replace parts all together.

The newish RPM Tech Poseidon EVO pistols is just that, a Gucci Glock. The pistol is from what I can work out, assembled using parts from a few different brands. The bases of the pistol are a non-Glock frame, a full auto Glock 18 style slide and absolutely ridiculous sights.

Polymer80 is a product that offers a complete frame change that uses all Glock parts; the frame change does completely alter the feeling of the Glock. Changing from the Glocks fist forward angled at 22-degree punch style hold back to 18 degrees, much like Browning based pistols. Which set the standard worldwide. For better or for worse the Polymer80 frame does one thing right and that is remove the 4-degree of grip angle, it feels and just looks so much better.

I have shot 9mm Glocks with the Polymer80 frame and it is a massive improvement in my opinion, it is high quality and much improved ergonomics over the blocky forward leaning Glock that carries over to this gbb as well. A far nicer frame than any stock Glock.

The frame on the Poseidon is the Polymer80 style with a huge mag release and very aggressive cast stipple texturing. The quality is very high, really nicely finished. I believe it is made by JDG and fully licensed by Polymer80. While it is a nice piece of kit, I cant help but feel that it seems a little toy light but I cant quite put my finger on why. Yes I know it is a toy, I don’t need reminding of that, I work with them all day every day. But it does not have the same feel as a real one, which, as it is said to be made of fibre reinforced polymer, perhaps it should feel more robust more like polymer less like plastic maybe.

But maybe it is not the grip that feels toy like. The slide on the pistol is the main Poseidon part in the whole package, made is Taiwan, these are of very high quality CNC cut 7075 aluminium slides coated in a perfectly finished Cerakote. Very nicely finished and extremely light with top and side windows, broad front cerations and also a rear top window cut in front of the rear sight.

I think it is the thin machined slide that makes its feel a little tinnie and toy ish as it has a high pitched rattle to it when shaken and fired I hope the slide cuts are not too much for the aluminium material. Slides with wind cuts are notorious for cracking in cheap low-end GBB pistols and also real firearms, regardless of if cast alloy, CNC aluminium or the CNC and hardened steels. I’ve seen many $2000- $5000 slides crack and break on custom pistols in the IPSC world so it would be no surprise if these were to fail too.

Regardless of above, I must say it is a nice slide, filled with other Poseidon parts, the nozzle and piston using their any ice high performance parts. I like it a lot, it is definitely of quality levels you would expect for the dollars, which is extremely fair compared to some other pretty average brands on the market that are all dressed up with no where to go. One part I must say I absolutely hate about this Evo 2, is the sights, I can not fathom why on earth anyone would use a peep style rear sight with a wanna be cross hair style thing around the outside. I have to say, I really hate the rear sight. It doesn’t suit the pistol at all; it is a complete gimmick no more effective than tits on a bull. Another minor area I thought maybe should have a nicer tough is the trigger…it has the stock Glock style trigger. No one in their right mind would build up Gucci Glock on a Polymer80 frame and put a the stock trigger in It, a nice little match trigger would have gone in really nicely. But ow well. Certainly not a deal breaker, even though it doesn’t look the prettiest, it does have an ok feel and is lightish to pull.

90% of this pistol is no different to the airsoft version over seas, just like the other high quality pistols out there, they are sold world wide as 6mm, here they are 7.5mm.

One part where I believe RPM tech shop has definitely played a big part in this design is the barrel and adjustable hop up. Like the APS and WE Tech products, the barrel holder is gelball specific as it has no adjustable hop housing, the inner barrel is also of course to suit 7.5mm gels, with a nice soft barrel seal and an aluminium barrel. Where this pistol differs to anything else I have seen before is the barrel and the magazine feed lips.

Lets cover the barrel first. Which is just 3 inch’s long, realistically ending more than 1 inch shy of the actual outlet of the barrel. The last inch comprises of 6 ridges, a springy steel outer sleeve and a nylon half barrel inner sleeve. These parts make up an adjustable hop up, an integrated down ramp acts as a hop for the gels adding that much needed top resistance to add backspin to the gel. It works by sliding the outer steel sleeve forward to the muzzle of the barrel, the nylon half sleeve is thicker at the end so as you slide the sleeve forward it pushes the sleave down increasing the downward ramp angle similar to all affective hop ups have used. The ridges along the top of the alli barrel align with a bump on the inside of the springy sleeve to act as a notch which stops the sleeve from self adjusting when all assembled.

Straight off the bat, the hop up does work well, it most definitely adds magnus effect, the backspin to the gel, both increasing range of flight and consistency of spin much improving accuracy over no hop at all. With the sleeve to the rearward position, the hop ramp doesn’t seem to touch the gel at all, adding no hop, on mid position the gel seems to fly well, improving consistency greatly. Forward of 50% the gels started to over hop, which could be useful for max range, but not ideal.

My only concern with this hop system is… the spring sleeve setup. The first time we shot it, the gels went from no hop to full hop within 10 shots or so. The sleeve had moved forward when firing. When investigating I found the inner bump on the sleeve was not aligned with the notch on the barrel, so there was nothing stopping it adjusting. Resetting the system and reassembling, I set it on 0 setting- No hop. Opened again, removing the barrel assembly, set to 30%, test fired- not enough hop. Opened again, removing the barrel etc, set to 50%, test fired- seemed like decent hop and respectable accuracy. Opened again, removing the barrel etc, set to 80%, test fired- too much hop. Opened again, removing the barrel etc, set to 60%, test fired- good hop and good accuracy at 12m. Able to hit out metal A4 size targets with every shot that fired a decent gel. At this point…I was very very pleasantly surprised. I think that is the best accuracy I have seen out of any GBB gel pistol. with out an aftermarket hop.

At this point I want to say again how much a dislike the rear sight. It’s like looking through some space age time portal from Stargate or some thing like that and it really ruins the experience for me. There is no benefit to it, the hood over the top blocks all vision over the slide so you can not watch your shots hit with your dominant eye, the 3mm per side of movement to determine if the front sight is centred is ridiculous, decent sights have barely a slither of light either side of the front sight post, this has 3mm per side at arms reach, that means the sights have so much slop in them that if you don’t centre the front sight you could be aiming nearly a foot off at 20m (insert facepalm Emoji) which being a gel blaster may not matter, but, when gels are improving massively, and accuracy is also improving with every model, goo sights will eventually become a necessity.

Anyway, back to the good parts. So the accuracy seems great, the hop works well…but, I fear the locking system of the adjustment is very under engineered. I noticed when shooting that no matter how careful I was setting the sleeve alignment it would rotate off its adjustment notch, thus meaning it could self adjust at will. We all know GBB pistols have a shit tone of vibration through them, the reciprocating slide rattles the crap out of the whole thing, so with out some tape or heaven forbid…glue, the adjuster sleeve is forever going to self adjust. I think the system has a shit tone of merits, it’s the first of its kind in a production product but I do think it needs some work to make it more reliable in setting the position, maybe a o’ring system or rubberised edges and squared edges to keep everything straight and in place.

Now, the other really good bit. The rubber magazine feed lips. Initially I couldn’t see how this can work. But I shit you not, it does, the gels are held spot on, the lips don’t warp, they hold tight and they feed the gels really well. HUGE HUGE HUGE props to Rowan @RPM Tech or who ever it was that came up with this. Bloody good show old chap!!!!

The rubber worked, my only thought though, is it means you cannot tune the mag lips. In nylon versions you can adjust the tension on the lips, bending them in or out to your desired tension to tune mag feeding, but with the rubber, you can’t, well not that I as able to do. I did find the mag fed well, the first time I shot it I have 95% perfect feeding, the last time I shot it… I had ok feeding but not perfect.. but there wasn’t anything I could do about it.

The other different feature to the mag that I haven’t seen in any other gel pistol is the design of wide opening where the gels are fed into the mag….that’s cos there isn’t one. Not a wide opening in sight. In fact the full length of the slot is wide enough to push gels in and it’s also loose enough to not damage gels… but it is tight enough to stop gels coming out. Well unless you try and squeeze too many gels in, cos then they can sneak back out. But it was plenty easy enough to get 15 or 16 Ausgel Elites in there no worries at all. And yes, the buggers fed well through the mag as long as the gels were nice and wet on the surface. Once dried off they didn’t feed well, no different to any other pistol. As above, well done to whom ever came up with the soft lips and the wide slot. Great stuff!!

Being a Glock 18 based pistol it does have the giggle switch on the side of the slide, taking semi auto into full auto. I’m going to start by saying I’m not a full auto fanboi for gbb pistols. In my opinion it’s a complete waste of gas due to the nature of the gas mag purging a non-stop stream of gas but the pistol nozzle is only grabbing a small portion of the gas to fire.

On most auto pistol the wasted gas comes out the top, side and under the slide, this Evo 2 seemed to stream all the gas out under the slide, for Iggy and other guys shooting it, that was fine, no worries, but for me, it burnt the shit out of my hand, freeze burn from gas pouring out direct to my thumb. Not pleasant as it stings like hell and is a huge waste of gas. Semi auto only for me!!!

That’s enough dribble from me. Final thoughts.

As a gun nut and pistols being my bag baby!! This one does it for me! I like it a lot (bar the rear time traveller sight and thumb burning auto mode), the JDG frame is great, the CNC slide is real sexy, the lack of Glock looks is 100% better than Glock looks, the hop up works but needs some minor revisions for locking it in place and the mag is next level.

At $549 do I think it is worth 1.75X more than a WE Tech Glock 17- yes it is, but only if you plan to dress up a WE Glock. If you just want a basic looking high performer pistol then no not really, a base WE Glock still holds its own.

At $549 is it better quality and value than every other GBB pistol over $550 that I have an opinion on. Yes most definitely it is. Nothing I’ve used in this price range comes close to out perform this beast. This is a product made of high quality parts form the outset. Adding expensive parts to a cheaply made Chinese turd of a pistol doesn’t come close to the product RPM and Poseidon have put together.

Well, to wrap up. To be honest, I’m pissed off now, I don’t own the pistol featured in this article so its gone home to its owner, so now I have to go see Rowan and buy one, it really is that good that I now need to get one. I just bloody hope Rowan has some left. Cos there’s’ a spot in my pistol case that has the Poseidon name on it. …After I change that ghastly rear sight. MF

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