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TSI Magazine change of format as of 1st November.

TSI Magazine change of format as of 1st November.

Due to changing and increasing costs, we have opted to change our multiple page single upload magazine format to a fortnightly blog format through our website.

We have decided to do this for one main reasons, and that is we feel that one single magazine 8 weeks apart is too long a time frame to bring up to date reviews and articles. 8 weeks is a long time and new news becomes old news fast.

Our blog page now has all of our prior 7 magazine issues so they are archived for ever on our page.

We will vary the blogs from high labour “glossy mag” style format to quick and simple blog formats but they will all be through this blog page.

To get updates on when our new blog posts are released, sign up for our email notifications so you know when we release the latest article.

We are hoping our advertisers would still be interested in adverting through TSI on our blog posts, we are offering single advertisements per blog at a rate of $25 AUD per advert.

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