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Whats needed when Starting out in Gelball skirmish

Almost weekly on the Facebook pages and groups people that are new to gelball skirmish ask the question “what do i need of my first game this weekend”

Now almost every time I see some one immediately say to go see such and such to go and buy all the gear you need.

I then some time chip in my 5 cents worth. So instead I thought id write blog about it.

“So what do i need of my first game this weekend”

Safety Glasses,




Boots or closed in shoes,

Long pants recommend over shorts especially for bush for outside games,

A 3 litre milk bottle with 10000 gels in it.

An empty 600ml choc milk bottle to carry in the game as a refill bottle.

Your blasters,

All your mags,

A spare battery if you have one.

Now that the bare bones basics.

From there you can opt for:

Extra magazines,

Extra battery/ies,

Something tacticool to carry your mags (will expand on this below)

A sling to support your blaster,

Venue specific apparel, i.e. camo for the bush environment, or sportier wear for speedball.

Tacticool Expansion:

Many people start out with a cheap tactical vest to carry mags and speed loader bottles.

Others prefer a belt system full off pitches etc.

Starting cheap is fine, if it helps to get you into the game then do it, but honestly dont expect a cheaply chinese made vest to last overly long. Ive seen guys ruin their brand new vest on its first outing. These vest can be acquired from some local and only retailers, also eBay and other only sources.

Being that I’m a self confessed gear snob, I do definitely like to get the good gear. Id hate to think how quickly I would ruin a cheap vest.

Check out my article in issue 2 of TSI talking all about my Plate carrier and battle belt setups.

These are $20 items from ebay

This is my plate carrier worth over $500

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