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Milsoft Experience

The TSI Way


Bridging the gap between skirmish and Milsim


"What makes TSI events different to any others"

The answer is "Experience"!!

Milsim and Milsoft events are very new in Australia for gelball.  They are certainly not new world wide for airsoft.  That is the key difference between TSI events and the others.  TSI staff have been playing airsoft and milsim/soft events world wide for over 20 years, we have played at events and experienced game types never seen before in Australia.  Harnessing those memories and recreating them is our plan and the goal is to give the player the best possible, most exciting, most action packed and LIVE action gelball events ever.

Our first events will be 10/12 hour events aimed towards all players for any experience level, but most importantly is designed so all experience levels get the most out of the events.  This means the less experienced player with minimal gear can mix it up with the most experienced and highly equiped in roles and missions that will entertain all and raise the level of knowledge and game play skills through out which then opens up and entices more players to bigger milsim events that may nbe more suited to the more experienced only.

Our goal is to use our experience,

to entice the least experienced to come and play with the most experienced to have the BEST EXPERIENCE

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We are Milsim players, this means we want more players to play at the big milsim events we attend, to help the sport grow we want to create milsoft events that brings more players to the bigger milsim events that we play at to grow the community for everyone.

Milsim events we attend in Comsims (OP Temp), Toowoomba Gelball (K5), Mislim east (Parrabellum) and more.

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The where and When will be announced soon